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Anna Bianchi

Anna Bianchi was born in Italy and has lived and worked in Graz / Austria for ten years. She is one of the group of artists around the internationally known artist Emma Wildfang. The group of artists has been working at Studio Wildfang for about a decade. After studying art, she went her very own artistic way.

As if it had always been there, like an everlasting basic building block, the checkerboard pattern has been found in almost all cultures and parts of the world since prehistory. Very early, for example, in the Upper Paleolithic rock paintings in Lascaux.

However, it is not only present in the oldest surviving pictorial relics, but also reappears again and again, i.e. it is reinvented every day and interpreted in the most varied of forms.

The actually simple graphic basis, the crossing of two lines at right angles, creates an endless universe of possibilities and varieties.  Bianchi's works are reminiscent of fine copper engravings.

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